Friends of Lincoln Park

Frank E. Reilly, President, ably supervised by Buster Brown and Button, showing off holiday wreaths donated by Trustee Jeff Tarling

A Year's-End Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Let me first thank you for your contributions over these past nine years in our endeavor to restore historic Lincoln Park to its original glory. We are almost there!

The last phase of our master plan to fully repair the 1866 wrought-iron fence, gates, and granite piers was begun last December, but the work has proved to be much more difficult and expensive than anticipated. Nevertheless, the Congress Street section is expected to be completed by spring. Please take a look at the work that has been done, and compare it with that which has not. You will be happily amazed, I promise.

In order to continue with this incredible work, the City needs funding. Yes, we do have some through the City’s CIP allocation, but there are 67 parks in Portland, and although Lincoln Park is the oldest, it is not the only one in need of attention.

The Friends have put out some requests to private organizations for funding, but these often take a while to develop. Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to receive your generous contributions, no matter the amount, for it all adds up at the end of the day. Each donation brings us that much closer to finishing the job, so please donate either by mailed check or by simply clicking here.

The Friends have had a busy 2022, with a Summer Concert Series and special events honoring the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, Father of American Parks. Please continue to stay with us, contribute what you can, and thank you again for being there these nine years.

Holidays are coming, and Lincoln Park will again be illuminated by the artistry of Pandora’s Winter Lights. On behalf of the Friends of Lincoln Park, I wish all of you the happiest of times.

With warmest regards,

Frank E. Reilly
President, Board of Trustees

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