Friends of Lincoln Park

“Let us secure for ourselves and for our children a beauty spot in the midst of our growing city – a breathing place for all the thousands who are to come after us.” — Portland Transcript, 1856

Oh Happy Day!

Friends, have you heard? April 24, 2017, will enter the history of Portland as the day that the restoration of the fountain basin and walkways in Lincoln Park began!

Thanks to your dedication and generous support, Tito Masonry and Construction have started tearing up the crumbling cement pavement, which they will replace with historically-accurate bituminous concrete. Also on the job list: re-setting and relining the fountain's granite basin, paving the way for the freshly-restored fountain's return in mid-July.

The fountain's underlying works are receiving attention as well: the plumbing will be repaired and modernized. These updates will allow the fountain to be activated more often, so its cooling mist can refresh us all during the hot summer months!

We're excitedly watching the progress of the restoration, and we hope you will too! From all of us at Friends of Lincoln Park, thank you again for everything you've done to help bring Portland's first publicly-owned park back to its original, pristine condition. Together, we'll remake a green spot in the middle of our bustling town that everyone can enjoy!

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