Friends of Lincoln Park

Swing into the season with Lincoln Park and our salute to Frederick Law Olmsted's 200th birthday!

There is a 20-minute play entitled Meeting in Central Park – Olmsted is interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times … in 1894.

You will learn almost everything you need to know about this genius of a man, widely considered to be the Father of American Parks.

Learn how he approached designing Central Park, and how he overcame the many obstacles from planning to completion.

Written by Frank E. Reilly, and portrayed by two seasoned Portland actors. Don't miss it!


Show up at the kickoff Congress Square on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 PM! Learn more here.

Then, all during the month of September, the Olmsted 200 Committee is busy scheduling various activities – including that 20-minute play – in parks all around Portland … and, of course, Lincoln Park! There will be many other activities as well – see the full list at Portland Parks Conservancy's Olmsted 200 Events page.

♫♪Music in Lincoln Park is Back!♫♪

After far too long away from the bandstand, we have an exciting four-week musical lineup scheduled for you on Tuesday evenings:

  • July 19 — The Renovators
  • July 26 — Katie Daggett & Ed Desjardins
  • August 2 — Lincoln Park Troubadours, aka Wayne Street
  • August 9 — Blues Prophets

Fence Restoration Update

As you know, the City of Portland is busy repairing the 1866 wrought-iron fence and granite piers enclosing Lincoln Park. We still need to raise a tremendous sum to guarantee that we can complete the restoration – any donation you can afford will help immensely, and be appreciated deeply. Please consider donating by clicking the “Donate” button, or by mailing a generous check to:

Friends of Lincoln Park
168 York Street
Portland, ME 04101

Thank you for your support to date, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas!

Thank you again,

Frank E. Reilly
President, Friends of Lincoln Park


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Friends of Lincoln Park • 168 York Street • Portland, Maine, 04101