Friends of Lincoln Park

“Let us secure for ourselves and for our children a beauty spot in the midst of our growing city – a breathing place for all the thousands who are to come after us.” — Portland Transcript, 1856

Pandora's Winter Lights in the Park

Courtesy Corey Templeton Photography.

A new display by Pandora LaCasse Design has been lighting up Lincoln Park over the winter months! The motivation is twofold: to expand the city-wide display of Pandora lights that make Portland so festive by bringing lights to the east side of the city, and to continue improving Lincoln Park to make it a vibrant city park once again. The Park's 1870 Parisian fountain was recently flowing again, which marks another milestone in the revitalization endeavor between Friends of Lincoln Park and the City of Portland.

Pandora LaCasse designs lighting sculptures that celebrate the physical space in which they’re located, and are created specifically to engage the surrounding community. There are six of her winter displays throughout Portland: Deering Oaks Park, Longfellow Square, Congress Square, Boothby Square, Tommy's Square, and now Lincoln Park. Learn more about her work at

This year's installation of Pandora's lights in Lincoln Park has been generously supported by these sponsors. Thank you all!

The Quimby Family

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